Well Hello, Remember Me?!

Wow! Here we are in October! I haven’t posted for a whole month. Crazy schedule with back to school, lots of short weeks due to the Jewish holidays and getting back into a routine after summer has left me exhausted and uninspired. (Ok summer didn’t see me feverishly writing either )

It was a new experience with the kids attending different schools starting last year with Grand Master D heading to high school but this year with Miss Gremlin also going to a new school it has been a learning curve and stepping into the unfamiliar. So far she’s loving it. We love the communication which this school has embraced wholeheartedly. Every kid has a google apps account and child and parent have their own dedicated school email address. Pretty cool but then what do you expect from a school which is annexed from a major university.

Last night was curriculum night,  an opportunity for the teachers to let us know the expectations of the students, policies and general information to help us help our kids be successful.

I have always handled the school stuff, My Lord Dr King has been a seldom visitor to the halls of learning (even his own)…. and only attends functions/performances and end of year activities, when he must.

He went through a baptism of fire last night as both schools scheduled their curriculum evenings on the same night at the same time. Now we all know I have super human skills, but being able to be up town on the west side and in midtown on the east side at the same time is beyond even my capabilities. And so with trepidation, because you know, people, My Lord Dr King went up to Miss Gremlin’s school for the first time and attended his first ever curriculum evening. Did you hear the fanfare?

I had a running update, all the info was sent to me via text in real time, and I did the same to him. We were in sync! Working as a team for the betterment of our children’s education. Who knew this could happen? Certainly not me….

Of course as no children were allowed to attend the events, due to numbers, no one knew who he was and he wasn’t saying, oh there were some knowing looks from faculty, I mean let’s face it, Miss Gremlin is her father’s daughter.

He struck up a couple of conversations with other parents and was questioned whether he was Russell Crowe or another English actor whom he apparently resembles. It’s not the first time he’s be accused of looking like Russell Crowe 🙂


What do you think ?

And it’s also not beyond the realms of possibilities that Russell would attend an evening like that. He has kids and even actor’s kids have to go to school and their famous parents have to rub shoulders with the riff raff and endure curriculum night. This is New York City after all.

It’s a whole new world for us, with two kids out of elementary school and into specialised schools that cater to their interests, we’ve found ourselves both becoming far more involved. Of course, I can’t see My Lord Dr King manning bake sale stalls but curriculum night is a good first step and who knows he might even have to do an occasional parent teacher conference, lets see how the schools schedule those…

Happy Autumn, happy getting into the swing of the new school year and if you’re on the East Coast take care, Hurricane Joaquin is coming!


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