A Wedding is Not About the Date

Because I am who I am, about April of the year we go home I start making comments to My Lord Dr King, this year He made the announcement that he was coming too. After the initial shock wore off and the panic of how to keep him happy while getting to be absorbed in family, we set about booking and planning every intricate detail, we didn’t fight once, I refused, I acquiesced to his every need and what he wanted, he doesn’t like to stay at people’s homes, he doesn’t want to visit all the family, to him it’s not fun, but after 10 years he decided that it was going to work, and it was a beautiful thing, the plan was a well rehearsed ballet and we were awesome. We would split up in part to do our things and we then meet again before he flew home a week before us to get business going while we finished off with more family.

But then My brother was getting married 3 weeks after we got back home and of course I wanted to be there but My Lord Dr King was not having it at all, the beginning of the school year, a week away where he’s in charge of routine, another several thousands spent, nope can’t do it. So sadly, I tried to find a way, and then I talked to my future sister inlaw and she said  “When are you here? When will it work for you?” and with a wave of a hand and the flick of a wrist, it was moved. And I was attending …

Who does that? Someone who wants their husband’s sister to be at her wedding because it will make him happy and someone who is easy going enough to accommodate someone else’s needs, I’m amazed, shocked, thankful and so grateful that it has happened this way and  I got to see my brother marry his soulmate, who is gonna rock as a sister in law I can tell. I am so very grateful, thankyou.


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