True Romance

After a particularly refreshing kid free weekend, I’m feeling all gushy but in about an hour my boy is going away for a week on his Leadership Ambassador program and it’ll be lonely without him. In the meantime please enjoy this while I finish getting him ready and have coffee………….

As photos go I’m a terrible photographer. Oh I can get the job done and grab the memory on film but I really don’t have an eye for such things. There’s definite skill in the set up of a good shot. People go to Higher Education facilities for such knowledge. Somehow I captured this, it’s such an artistic shot. (well I think so) I just had to share. These flowers were given to me on my birthday last year. Red Roses are my favourite, in case you ever needed to know that 🙂

It wasn’t set up, it was a random photo.. Sometimes they’re the best kind. I think it truly captures our love though. Don’t you?

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