This isn’t Freedom

Here we are again, mopping up after a mass shooting. It’s sickening, it’s tragic, it’s horrific and yet…

Nothing gets done. Not one single thing changes. All those people who go to work and school and never come home. What did they do to deserve this?

Tomorrow there is every chance we’ll be mopping up again at a different scene. Nowhere is safe, every place in America has the opportunity to participate in one of these, get their 15 minutes of empathy and prayer in the 24 hr news cycle. The mall full of shoppers, the college campus full of our youth, an elementary school. We’re glued to the coverage, the stations make headers and graphics naming each tragedy and spout stats at us. More shootings than days of the year, has 2015 crossed over?

Is it one for the history books?


I can’t watch anymore. I can’t!

I get too angry, infuriated by the politicians who are more concerned about upsetting their revenue flow than trying to save innocent humans. Too angered by the people who instantly go into attack mode about the government taking their guns. What they’re actually saying is my gun is more important than your life.

The GOD DAMN Second Amendment. I’m over it.

The right to bear arms, America you don’t deserve that right. You’ve proven time and time again that you’re not responsible enough.

30,000+ people die of gun related deaths in America every single year. Toddlers accidentally shooting a parent, preschoolers shooting their friends, victims of domestic violence, road rage, school bullying, all manner of reasons people make decisions to use a firearm against another. Many of them legally obtained.

We pray and we mourn and we say now is not the time to talk about gun control. Here’s a tip…. now is exactly the time to talk about gun control, before the next one. Before another family has to bury their loved one for no good reason.

The tired old rhetoric of criminals not obeying the rules blah blah blah, the criminals, the actual known criminals like bikers, gang members, felons, none of those people ever go into a public place and shoot the shit out of as many people as they can. That’s not how it works. Those people, well they’re ‘lone wolves’ and they’re ‘mentally ill’ and they shouldn’t have access.

NO SHIT but who’s stopping them?

Not the Prolifers that’s for sure. Sorry, that’s another dig for another day.

It’s basic, simple logic, if there are less guns in the community then there is less access and less chance of being hurt by a gun. Why is this not obvious? Good guys, 90% of the time don’t do anything to stop a situation of a bad guy with a gun. And who determines who’s good and bad anyway? Why are so many people afraid of regulation of a deadly weapon? We have regulations on many things. Things far less likely to kill you than an assault rifle.

Why aren’t we protesting in the streets for this? Why are we allowing a Lobby group to dictate what’s best for America? They don’t even care!  The NRA is squarely responsible for these daily senseless tragedies. 30,000 deaths a year.

30,000 deaths a year.




It makes me sick.

Where will it be tomorrow?

This isn’t Freedom. This is terrorism.

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