This is Where it’s Nice to Be Part of A Community of Awesomeness….

Becoming a blogger has been an amazing journey, I’ve met so many really great people, some who have taken a chance on me and coaxed me into the  collabrative project, The Epistolarians , which you have seen me featured on recently. It has given me a place to write differently and to a different audience.

Peanut LayneDuring this time I also met an awesome Lady, who blogs about her Life on Peanut Layne. The peanuts in her life get up to all manner of antics and reading about them make me laugh out loud, cry, nod in agreement and shake my head… Sometimes all in the same post!

So when she announced her recent diagnosis and told us all she would have to step back for a while, we all worried how we would live without her posts to read…. That’s when Karen from Baking in A Tornado swooped in and would have none of it!

She’s has taken on the task of rallying the blogging family we have formed, to begin guest posting for Peanut, to keep her blog going for her readers.

We all work very hard to increase readership and keep those readers coming back, so needing to take a break and watching our readers leave is a sad thing and something we refuse for Peanut to have to deal with…..

So far, 10 bloggers have submitted posts and today is my turn… So please head over to Life on Peanut Layne, enjoy the change of scenery, tell her I sent ya and give Peanut some love…

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  1. I, too, am very proud of this blogging family we’ve created. The number of posts that have come in is proof of how great a community this is. Thank you so much for the mention and the link, but mostly thank you for being so quick to participate.

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