The Tricky Teen

Yesterday, our boy had ‘the best day of his life so far’. His words. And we were so pleased to be able to provide that for him.

This kid grew up. 12 years old is such a tricky time, with so much going on.

Grand Master D @12months

But he’s turned into a thoughtful, caring , considerate, loving, sensitive (in a good way) young man.


We think he’s awesome.


His sisters think he’s awesome.


The Princess loves him

Miss Gremlin thinks he rocks, always did.









These two girls love their brother more than anything. He’s their shining light. He puts up with a lot from both of them, but he’s so patient and kind, he just lets them do their thing.

The birthday cake, made with extra love, was a total hit.

Blow those candles out






The gifts just kept on coming.


and this

and this

Another year older, another centimetre taller, he’s our one and only awesome son. Congratulations Mate.

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