The proposed RV Trip

For some time now the King has been saying we should go on a road trip in an RV,(recreational vehicle) not unlike the Robin Williams movie RV. The Princess lives in trembling fear of this and we use it against her all the time. 🙂 Bad parents. Of course I think it would be totally crazy driving across the country couped up in a large bus type vehicle with The King, The Princess (cos she’s not getting out of it) Grand Master D, Miss Gremlin and Sir Lickalot the dog! Can you imagine it? I shudder… I suppose it would be a great way to see the countryside however I think it would be a hard way to live. Cooking, and doing laundry being the most difficult, then of course there’s the close quarters sleeping arrangement. It certainly would be one way to get the kids used to the nocturnal symphony of the King 🙂

The latest incarnation of this idea is to go for an extended period of time, say 6 mths and home school the children. Yes you read right, long time, home school……. Can you picture my reaction? I know he’s just stirring me. I said straight out have a nice time I’ll stay here and look after the apartment. But now when he mentions it I just smile and wave 🙂

I’m not really sure how it would actually go with the King, seeing he has such an aversion to camping. Imagine if we drove into a no internet zone! HA

The movie was on yesterday and it makes me laugh every time we watch it. I can see the similarities with our family and can totally relate, knowing that if we ever end up on the road across the country in an RV it will be like the sequel.

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