The One Where You Thank Me Because I Married Him Instead

So last night turned out to be eventful. The King had a function which was going to be over by 7:30. He wanted dinner, that was the plan.

That totally didn’t happen.

Here’s what really happened.

notice the time !?
He answered me at 11:30… THIS MORNING!

He arrived at 2:30 am, a little slurry, then proceeded to tell me about his evening.

Not being very interested, as I had imagined him pushed on the subway tracks (it happens) and I was pissed off he hadn’t told me otherwise, I tuned out, until he started talking about fainting and polar bears!

We’ve all been here, rolling our eyes at the men in our lives and their booze fueled imaginations, but sometimes they produce photographic evidence.

The Most Interesting Man in his Own MIND


I don’t always fight polar bears but when I do there’s evidence

This is normal in our house…… yeah lucky me!

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  1. It looks more like he was falling into the polar bear than fighting it, but I guess the survival chances are about the same either way.

    Glad he was not pushed onto the subway tracks.

  2. This is hilarious! I must say that you’re much nicer than I am. If my hubby weren’t home for dinner, he’d be eating what he made, er, purchased himself. Found you via Mommy, for real’s #FF. So glad I did!

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  3. this is hilarious!! my husband’s work party is coming up, but he’s totally not a big drinker so he always leaves early – this year he’s thinking of staying just so he can watch the fun stuff that goes down 😉 of course, right now all i can think about is the $75 it is costing for him to GO to the stupid Christmas party where he comes home hungry and then eats all the food in the house:/

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