The Independence Bug

Grand Master D and little Miss Gremlin have taken themselves off to the movies this morning. They didn’t need me. Just my money 🙂 It’s funny how one minute they can be at each others throats, like yesterday, then today they are a united front against the world……. Or Harlem or the 10 blocks between the cinema and home.

It’s an odd feeling although I think I kinda like it. Seeing their independence develop is a good thing.

Monday Grand Master D is off to Washington DC on his own for a People to People Leadership Ambassador Forum. 6 days with other children his age from around the country, learning how to be leaders and about our leaders. It will be quite an experience for him. We’ll miss him but he’ll be back before we know it. A little more grown up and a lot more independent.

Opportunities like that are great for kids, it gives them a chance to prove themselves and grow as people. I’m all for experiences, the more the better. It’s a different world to when I was young. Although I wanted to be independent and capable too. I still strive for both 🙂 It’s ok there’s still time.


Here’s a link to the program:

People to People Program

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