The Homeland Awaits….

The searching is over, the stressing, the co-ordinating, the booking has been done ……… Will everyone be happy? I doubt it, there’s always someone looking for more time with us but we only have a few weeks….and we can only be shared so much 🙂

Our trip to the homeland is secured.

I always have such trip anxiety. Until I’m in the seat with my seatbelt on I have a fear something will go wrong. I have always been like that when I travel.
The King kills me when we fly together because he wants to be last on and I want to be first. I need the comfort of that seat around me to know I haven’t missed my flight, my ticket hasn’t been revoked, my paperwork isn’t suspect.

You’d think I would be over it by now. I’ve travelled many times. It just makes me anxious, I can’t explain it. Nothing bad has ever happened.

I know that it’s irrational but we all have our issues.

All the arrangements are finalised. Although I will check and double check because that’s part of the anxiety.  Next step ……….wait………pack……….go!

‘Oh what will we wear?’

It’s an exciting time. The kids are super excited, they’ve not been home since 2010 and they truly love going there. This time they’re that little bit older, more independent and the farm will be so much fun. They can roam for hours like my brother and I did as kids.

I have it all planned in my head, we’re gonna be roaming all over that property… me reliving my childhood on it, them exploring new things and making lifelong memories. There’s a lot to do on 130 acres of hill country.

But there’ll be a hole, a gap in the experience they will miss terribly.



They didn’t travel with me last year when we lost him, they have all that emotion to go through when we arrive. I imagine it’ll be a rough couple of days until we settle into the new normal.

The chair at the end of the table is empty…….the beer fridge turned off.

All we have are memories.


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