The Highs and Lows

After my weekend away last week I came home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s amazing what 5 days can do! I’m dragging my butt around today, can’t get enough coffee. It’s been a busy week. Every night something, to bed after midnight and it’s taken it’s toll.  I didn’t recognise the person in the mirror this morning. It was a bit of a shock actually. I had to look twice.

I’m very ready for it to be the weekend again so I can sleep in. As luck would have it we have an extra day due to Memorial Day observance on Monday. I need to try and bottle some energy and spread it throughout the week because by friday I’m usually dead on my feet. I might have to find some slow release energy supplement.

I suspect some of the reason I’m feeling so tired is that I’ve been eating things that are not paleo. I have been having carbs, cheating so to speak. Since I haven’t been eating them, when I do eat them I notice how sluggish I feel and how low my energy gets. The article below seems to prove I’m not making it up. 🙂

It is difficult to find a healthy balance when life is so hectic. I will get back on track this weekend, get some rest and try again next week. carbohydrates

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