The Empty Box

The King went to Spain the other week. Great trip, excellent business, much Tapas and wine was consumed. Upon his return he brought with him some interesting Spanish concepts and phrases.

First thing he did when he walked in the door was to turn on the tv so he could hear some English, he was clearly fretting for the language. Then he distributed the gifts he bought at the airport in Madrid. Yes he’s a last minute airport gift shopper and we love every one of them 😛 but I digress, back to the concepts. One of the concepts he brought back was the Empty Box. Now this took some explaining but basically this is it. Life is compartmentalised. The work box, the party box, the sporting box. You get the idea. When you need a break you go in the empty box, it’s empty, there’s nothing there, nothing to do.

No one can join you in the empty box. It’s your empty box. You get to relax, rejuvenate and do nothing. It’s really just a state of mind, not a physical place but a description of how you feel. You go there to clear your mind and get yourself ready for the next onslaught of life.

Last night I went to the empty box. Things have been really hectic lately and I was feeling quite harried, physically and emotionally. You know that feeling when you have nothing left to give? When you’ve been working too hard and just need a break, that’s when you go to the Empty box 🙂

A silly concept but in fact I felt much better this morning, so maybe the empty box has merit. I think I’ll adopt it. Thanks Jorge 🙂

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