The Computer Match That Exploded ALL Theories… Wait A Computer Matched Us?

All these online dating services,, eHarmony, Christian Mingle, the tv ads in prime time drive you crazy, well me at least! “I met my match on…… and now we’re so happy together.” Pfft! I’m calling Bullshit! How can two people meet by doing a computer survey and get matched to the right person and they live happily ever after? Ok, I have friends that it happened to, several actually. I understand the logistics and I get the whole point about matching up people’s interests etc to optimise the chances of finding someone to love. Sure I’ll play…..

kissing frogs


But what ever happened to the old fashioned way…. you know, going to the bar and kissing ALL the frogs to find your Prince? It works, it’s worked for hundreds of years…sure with the current statistics of divorce in almost 50% of first time marriages, it could have problems but I can’t help it if you kiss so many frogs that your judgement gets clouded when a prince comes along…or that last frog seemed like a prince.. blame the vodka…

That’s how I found my Prince, King, whatever 🙂 I knew he was the right one because he wouldn’t speak to me…. but I’m nothing if not persistent. And all these years later we’re still together. If we’d been matched by a computer then none of this would have happened because a computer would NEVER do it. We couldn’t be more diametrically opposed if we planned it.

We recently took a compatibility study  during a series of  workshops designed to understand body language and business. Here are the results…. I’ll give you a minute to really look…






Look at those stats! Pretty … right? AND Off the chart different. But somehow it works. I know that being polar opposites has it’s challenges, I live them every. single. day. but it seems to compliment them too. We work with our strengths and lean on each other for our weaknesses. It works really well because we can see our own strengths and weaknesses as well as each others and we adjust our communication accordingly…..

Nah, I’m blowing rainbows and fairy dust up your ass… We just laugh a lot at how different we are. How we approach things so differently in everything we do. Why are we even together?  Someone once said of us……

banks forward


And that’s why it works … because I’m swathed in PATIENCE and MOTHERHOOD?!   *choke*   But let me assure he can be all that impossible to live with…. but live without him, I could never even imagine. And no computer could have ever predicted that!


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  1. What an interesting idea…I definitely believe in the attraction of opposites. You’re obviously living proof 😉 I doubt my hubs and I would be matched up online…we’re actually FAR TOO similar in some bad ways…having two parties that are stubborn as hell leads to some epic show-downs for sure! But, I’m with you…alike or not…together is where we belong 😉

  2. Swinging through from the UBP 2013. Love your post! My ex and I were always more friends than anything else, and with 4 kids, we are still good friends. We just weren’t great married and I could actually have seen us linked up by a computer. Love to see marriages that work:)
    Hope you have a great day!

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