The Chaperone Experience

Today was one of the many field trips for the kids winding down to the end of the year. I went along as a chaperone, as I have many times before. This trip was to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and have ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Let me tell you that walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is like taking your life in your own hands!
The bicyclists don’t play, they are quite aggressive and get agitated if you get in their way. It’s a walk of chaos. You can imagine how it might look, wandering second graders, white lines, speeding bicyclists. This time there were no injuries but I can see how injuries could quite easily happen. Let’s just saying walking with school kids anywhere is like herding cats. Extremely frustrating and not very rewarding. We had spectacular weather and beautiful views, however like all trips they feel rushed and you really don’t get time to soak it all in. I know the trip was wasted on many of the kids today, by the time we were half way across they were whining about being tired and hungry.

I enjoyed the walk, it was great exercise. I enjoyed the ice cream, it was a lovely treat and I enjoyed the view. The day was well spent and I am totally exhausted but all in all pleased I went 🙂

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