Taekwondo Fame

Last night the kids went back to my cousin’s taekwondo studio. They really enjoyed it on monday night and wanted to do it again. Of course there was a little extra incentive to go out in the bitter cold……. The newspaper wanted to do a human interest story about the Harlem kids coming to do taekwondo in an Aussie country town. The photographer said it would be a welcome relief from all the football stories. I guess he’s sick of photographing them.

He arrived about 15 minutes after the class started and took the kids off to the side to get their stories, names and take some pics. Their cousins got in on the act because they were the hosts.
He was very good at his job and really got the kids into the mood. They sure had a good time pretending to be famous.
I just have to wait for the journo to call to do the interview. I’ll be sure to update when the article is printed 🙂

It’s funny what you can do if you just give it a try. All this took was one email to the local paper. They were onto it straight away. Don’t be afraid to try. They can only say ‘no thank you’.
And you never know, they may say ‘yes’, then you’re in the paper.

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