Some House Guests are Better than Others

Do you cringe when house guests arrive? Are you hoping they don’t stay very long? What if they’re family? When the Outlaws land are you sweet as molasses but dying on the inside? Do you count the hours until they leave. Or are they wonderful and you love them to stay on and on?

house guests

Every guest is different. We’ve had some horror shows over the years but we’ve also had some *rippers.

My Sister in Law arrived on Friday. She is one of the best house guests ever! She cooks and cleans and gets hyperactive and gardens and weeds and takes the kids out and is just awesome. As I write this she has just discovered the swiffer mop and is happily mopping my floors!

Who even does that?

She’s laughing at how amusing it is and she wants to buy one and take it home. This could cause problems shipping over the liquid but it’s a small price to pay for someone who WANTS to clean for me 🙂

I love the company, it feels like a holiday for me too because we chat, a lot, and we do projects together and have spa days. It’s a refreshing change.

Do you love or loathe guests? How long can you stand to have them around? Are they helpful or a hinderance? I’d love to hear some experiences…


*ripper- great, awesome, fantastic, worth mentioning. Bewdy mate 😛


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  1. My experience has been like yours. Some people are fantastic guests, and others are just awful. The worst for me are the ones who want to be entertained all the time but are not willing to go out on their own. Your sister in law is welcome to visit me. Does she clean horizontal blinds?

  2. Oooh, houseguests who clean? Send one my way, stat!

    Actually, I love having guests here–my only slight qualm being that I feel obligated to dig through the mess to find them reasonably comfortable and sanitary sleeping conditions. But when they clean or do dishes or even keep me company while I do them, that’s a bonus. 🙂

    Enjoy your sister-in-law–she sounds amazing.

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  3. I love houseguests but wish I had a “house” more conducive to having them- a one bedroom apartment only works if its a friend who can share my bed or doesn’t mind an air mattress or couch in the living room!

  4. 100% depends on who it is! Some relatives…let’s just say I may be pushing the door in their face! Some friends–bring another bottle on and please stay forever! 😉

  5. If I had more space, I’d love to have house guests. It’s awkward when they sleep on the sofa and you forget then walk out into the living room in your underwear and wake them up. 😉

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