Shooting the S#!^ out of Stuff is a Bit Fun…

The weather cleared enough this morning to spend the day outside. Uncle Glenn arrived with his big boys, the C’s and a box of clays. Having had a little taste of shooting on the farm, the kids were keen to have a go. In previous years they were too small to be able to use the guns.

This trip they are big enough and conscientious enough to learn how to handle them properly with care and safety.

Guns are an essential tool in farm life and learning to use them safely is part of that. Even though we don’t live here, I wanted the kids to have as many experiences of farm life as I could and with that comes the learning and respect for guns and how to be safe.

The most important thing to know is that you must always handle a gun as if it’s loaded. Never wave it around or point it at anyone in jest. Many accidents have happened with people fooling around with guns they think are empty, only to find it loaded and someone gets shot.

I trust my brother with guns. He learned from Dad, who also taught me. I felt very comfortable with him teaching my children how to handle them in a safe manner.

Of course coming from Harlem, we have other experiences of guns, none of them positive, so it was a great teaching point to show the children how things can be different.

It was a fun afternoon just shooting some clays.

Miss Gremlin liked it but thought the shotgun hurt too much even though her shoulder was supported. She enjoyed the rifle much more.

Grand Master D got instruction and Uncle Glenn supported his shoulder to start with…. By the end he was shooting on his own with both barrels and got 5 clays in a row at one stage. He was a natural at it and really loved doing it.

Molley hasn’t lost her knack

Even I had a go. I’ve never shot clays before but I got a few. Two barrels was too much. I like the rifle for target shooting much better.

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