School is back, Who’s ready?

Here, today, in this house the scramble for back to school was not so much a scramble as a drag my arse across the floor and cry like a baby. It was dark , it was cold and it sucked. Two young people are at the bench, trying desperately to get more sleep and not go back to school.

Ok so this wasn't todays pic, I wasn't alert enough but the sentiment wass the same

Ok so this wasn’t todays pic, I wasn’t alert enough but the sentiment was the same

Miss Gremlin got ready fastest after her hot chocolate and was waiting to go for about 15 minutes because school wasn’t open… Yeah she’s a morning person, lucky girl.

Grand Master D, who doesn’t like mornings, or school for that matter, is much slower, way slower and moodier. He was still printing his Spanish assignment at 8am, the time that he should have been walking upstairs to class, at school, 5 blocks and 7 minutes walk away.

He left here late but he’ll have an ok day, he won’t want to go to taekwondo tonight, that I know…. He’ll be thankful that it’s a short week………..Actually we all will, staying at home is an easy thing to get used to.

To the left of this shot is the kid asking if I'm gonna post about him being late..... ummmm

To the left of this shot is the kid asking if I’m gonna post about him being late….. ummmm

The first day back is always hard, I understand their pain…. as for me, I plan to just hang out for the next couple of hours in my pj’s. Perhaps I could snuggle up and have a little morning nap. It’s too cold out to do anything else…..

Would that be wrong? Is it like I’m cheating on my children?….

Of course not, that’s not even a thing!

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