Pushing through the Fog

When you suffer from depression it can be difficult to do everyday things. I have a theory on how to get through the fog and rejoin the world. When you feel bad inside you have to look good on the outside. That way the looking good can help you feel better inside. When you look good, you get compliments and those compliments help to boost your mood. Seems to work for me most of the time. Of course it’s all psychological. It’s not tested that I’m aware of but being the common sense person I am, this thinking makes sense to me.

Another other thing  that helps when you feel low is to do some exercise, whether it be the gym or just taking the dog for a walk. Something about the endorphins in your body lightens your mood. Sunshine also seems to help. Just sitting in it, enjoying the warmth of it’s rays often lifts my mood.

Avoiding bad food helps too, although this can be difficult because stress causes many people, including myself, to want to grab a sugar fix. I swear I have craved a jam filled donut for a month or so now. Resisting-but still craving. I should just have one and be done with it I suppose.

Studies have linked bad diets to depression. The overload of sugar, carbs and fatty foods don’t give the body the nutrients it needs to function correctly.The deprivation of these essential nutrients is a key component to depressive moods.

Somedays when you feel emotionally fragile, the last thing in the world you want to do is spend time dressing up but pushing through the feeling and making yourself do it has rewards. The mood lightens and you begin to function again. At least this has been my experience. Almost everyday I want to stay in bed and just hide but I know I am needed and I must get up and go about my daily activities. I am slowly lightening my load as far as the activities go because I think I have taken on too much. It’s time to be kind to myself a little more.

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