Proud Mummy

This time of year here in the US is end of school, things are winding down. It’s all about field trips and fun days like pyjama day, silly shoe day, crazy hat day, sprinkler day, at least in 2nd grade. Today was the Award Ceremony. Miss Gremlin sat patiently as everyone received their individual awards.

I was in charge of getting pictures for a friend who was unable to attend for her 2 children as well as Miss Gremlin. So I’m busily clicking away wondering when my child is coming up……science went by, spelling and math too, when the teacher came around to tell me she saw me videoing everything and that Miss Gremlin was featured at the end for academic excellence in everything and she didn’t want me to waste my time videoing the whole ceremony. That was so thoughtful, however I wasn’t videoing, just clicking for 3 children 🙂 and txting the pics to the absent mum. Her turn finally arrives and she cleans up, mind you today was silly shoe day so she accepted her awards and stood on stage with one sneaker and one school shoe, one knee sock and one ped sock. That’s my girl!  Music, Academic Excellence and Certificate of Achievement in All Subjects were her categories. Not bad, not bad.

Grand Master D, as I’ve previously discussed has had some troubles attending school due to one illness or another and his grades over this last marking period have reflected that. So with a mammoth task of catching up and submitting missing work, yesterday and today, he has raised 4 separate subject grades by three levels. He is currently pulling an 11 year old all-nighter (11pm) to finish off the last thing required. Come tomorrow morning the grades can be submitted to administration and he’ll do well. Nothing like leaving things until the last minute, although he’s proven he can do the work, now we just have to work on his organisation and health… Oh, he also received an Excellence in Reading Award. Awesome!

Yep I’m proud tonight. My kids are doing well. You can’t ask for more than that.

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