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When we first arrived in the US we were absolutely floored by the fact that drug companies were allowed to advertise directly to the public. In the past 7 years this advertising has just gotten crazy. It seems every week a new “disease” appears with a new drug to combat it. The disclaimers at the end of the ads are the worst, “may result in death” is always a good one, it’s laughable that this is allowed.

When the ad says tell your doctor you could have……. and ask for …….. It’s beyond ridiculous. Medical training is 8 years for a reason. It takes time to understand the human body and learn how to cure it, who are we to presume that we should know more than a trained doctor on the uses of prescription drugs. The whole drug company/health insurance industry in America is totally unchecked and out of control. It’s actually quite scary how they can get away with what they do. They seem to have a free license from the FDA.

I think I’ve been to the doctor twice in 7 years and to date have had only a single prescription. I’m not claiming anything special other than I’ve never rushed to the doctor unnecessarily but it seems to be the first thing people do in so many situations today. Sometimes the doctors can’t even do anything, ie for the common cold. They’re very quick to prescribe antibiotics but we all know they can’t kill a virus.

They’re not making any money out of me that’s for sure.

An entire generation of home remedies and grandma wisdom has been lost because nobody tries to fix themselves of the simple common ailments. Many things can be fixed easily with home remedies and nature, some things cannot of course. I, by no means, suggest you shouldn’t seek medical attention for a serious issue. However, some things people will go to the doctor for are laughable.

I remember one such occasion, Grand Master D got a splinter from a wooden deck. It was quite a large one and although I was able to remove most of it, there was a piece that needed to work it’s way out. I went to the local drug store to get some drawing ointment so we could remove the remaining piece. Being unable to locate any on the shelves I asked the pharmacist. To my surprise, I was told that nothing like that was available. I was surprised and asked “so what do you do if you have a splinter?” The answer I received was a resounding “Go to the doctor”. This was insane! It wasn’t that bad. I promptly called Australia and had mum send me some. As it turned out the splinter worked it’s own way to the surface and one evening in the bath when the skin was all soft and wrinkly I was able to just “pop” it out. The human body is equipped to heal itself in so many ways.

On another occasion I managed to get a UTI-yeah, they happen. I immediately went looking for the alkaline effervescence stuff which can re-balance your body’s pH level which causes the issue in the first place. There was nothing of this sort of course. Next idea was to ask the friends I had what they did. Again I was confronted with “oh you have to go to the doctor and get antibiotics for that”. Now I agree that if left too long the infection might require treatment but once you’ve had one of those infections you know quickly to act.

Cranberry pills and juice are the only thing available over the counter and while I know they can help prevent it, they have a hard time fixing it. Another call was made and 5 days later a box arrived 🙂 The worst part was waiting it out.

Why are there not remedies available that are non invasive and non pharmaceutical? There must be a way to re-educate people on how to look after themselves without running to the doctor to get a prescription for something they think they have because they saw it on tv. I believe we need to learn basic home health practices. We also need to stop the drug companies praying on the vulnerable, filling their heads with imaginary diseases to make money. Sick people equal profit, helping people seems to be secondary.

Teach your children about real nutrition and how to help themselves a little. If we can all do that then I believe the bloated medical industry will go back to a manageable size and people could then afford proper health insurance for the real medical issues. It should be about making a stronger and healthier population, not pure profit.



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  1. Loving the blog … and I totally hear ya about this whole issue .. as a frequent traveller (without the safety net of a GP on tour) I’ve managed to survive over 10 years without a trip to the doctor …
    actually I lie, went once about 5 years ago when i though i’d caught an eye infection on a plane .. turns out is was a scratch….

    Garlic & Oranges Forever

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