Paleo Vegetable Stirfry

All this writing and researching is making me hungry. I’m at home, yay, by myself, double yay, doing my thing… YAY!   But where’s the maid and the chef and the bar tender? Oh that’s right day off. I wish.

I guess it’s to the kitchen with me. I could go to the halal truck across the street for my chicken and rice without the rice (they always laugh at me) but that would mean leaving the house and putting shoes on.

Fridge browsing is not finding anything quick or microwavable so I’ll go for the next best thing. Stir fry.

Today’s stir fry is sponsored by…. the vegies that are left in the bottom of the crisper.
Half a red pepper
1 onion
1 lonely mushroom
red and green cabbage ( yeah we had coleslaw with steak last week)
the last of the carrots
some sesame oil (unless that’s not paleo, then I used olive) 🙂
crushed ginger

Do you really need a method here? OK fine..
Chop, stir fry, serve.

Turned out pretty good. It’ll keep me until I imagine up something awesome for dinner 🙂

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