Paleo Frittata Thingy for Brunch

I was so busy revelling in my aloneness the other day that I forgot to eat. By 11.30am my stomach was really protesting so I made a frittata. It was going to be an omelette but because I was so hungry, I chopped up too much filling stuff and I couldn’t flip it in the pan.

I used:

3 strips of bacon
1 scallion
1 red pepper butt ( yeah I just chopped off a piece at the bottom. The King will be annoyed when he goes to make peppers and onions but thems the breaks right?!)
2 eggs beaten

2 campari tomatoes (my very favourite)
1 medium roasted beet(root) …for the Aussies
1/2 ripe avocado
salt and ground black pepper

I put all ingredients except eggs in the pan to cook, then I poured the egg in. I cooked it on med-low so the bottom wouldn’t burn, while this was cooking I sliced up some roasted beets which I had left over from last night, half an avocado and 2 campari tomatoes, tossed them together with salt and pepper and placed it on top. I washed it down with a belated morning coffee and didn’t require lunch 🙂



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