Paleo and Me

While I started to lose weight just over 12 months ago, I have been on this paleo journey now for about 4 months. In that time I have continued to lose weight, total is now 27 lbs (14kg) to date. For a small framed woman of 5’4″ this is quite a bit 🙂 It has been slow but I think slow weight loss is better because it’s more of a lifestyle change than a diet. Conventional diets really don’t work long term from what I can see.

Before I started with the paleo diet, I was using an iphone app called Myfitnesspal. It worked really well as a tracking device and helped me count the calories in food and exercise. I managed to lose the first 18 lbs (9kgs) just using this app, without really changing anything else. I certainly didn’t step up in the exercise area. It took 8 months.
I turned many friends onto it with mixed success but that’s their journey.

While I still use this app it is not my main focus. My eating habits have changed and calories are no longer my focus but putting the right foods in my body is.

Starting on Paleo, I researched as I went and really just googled recipes each day and found things to cook using the paleo guide. I stopped eating rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, dairy and sugar. There are many substitutes for all those things and you still get all the nutrients your body needs without the bloating or the calories. Occasionally now I will have one of those foods just because I’m somewhere and it’s easier to just eat what’s served but I always regret it afterwards because my body protests. I feel lethargic and bloated every time.

Nomnom Paleo was the first blog I found on the subject and I really liked her style and used many of her recipes. I have also used Civilizedcavemancooking, PaleOMG and Everyday Paleo among others, however these guys all have really great recipes and are fun to read so I keep coming back.

I really like finding new things and testing them out. It’s like going on a new discovery each meal. I have some favourites and I’ve made a few of my own.

I have found that my hair and nails are growing better and faster, my skin is clearer and not dry anymore, even my psoriasis is clearing up, losing weight is like the icing on the cake. My moods have improved as well. I really think this is a good way to eat and I will continue to follow it. It works well for the King and the kids are embracing it too. Mostly 🙂

I’ve read articles where people have cured their diabetes with this diet, as well as lowering blood pressure, tryglicerides and cholesterol. That’s all positive and if you can do it without requiring drugs with nasty side effects, that’s even better.

As I’ve been on this journey I have also learned about the politics and big business behind eating lots of carbs and dairy. They actually invented the food pyramid to make more sales!
The large companies are heavily invested in you consuming large amounts of wheat and dairy. I won’t get political but it has been quite an eye opener. You can search that for yourself. There’s plenty of information readily available.

I am convinced this is a great way to eat and I enjoy it totally. I am still learning things all the time and will continue to share what I learn, when I learn them. In the meantime, give it a go, it could help any number of ailments. If nothing else it will get you off bad foods and make you more conscious of you’re eating choices and that can only be good right?

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  1. Diet and nutrition are taking a backseat with the hectic lifestyles we have today. It is a good narration in this blog that it is never late to sit back and take action. It is all about a lifestyle change, one can eat healthier and notice a difference in stamina themselves.

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