Our New Best Friend

We bought a new coffee machine!

Seriously, it was time….. the old one was killing us slowly. We had a system to limp our way to coffee in the mornings but man….. we worked for our morning coffee. Some days I just gave up and went to Starbucks!

it’s had a hard life… time to go to the Princesses house to live out the rest of it’s days

So being as how October is birthday/anniversary/birthday time, what better time to spoil ourselves.

So we bought this…

Shiny newness

And it’s awesome.  You can see the excitement in the face of the King. He sent me a picture to show it arrived.

Come home quick…..It’s here!

It does this…..

Automatic grinder

And this……

The delicious aroma fills the apartment

And makes these, perfectly every time…….

Espresso macchiato

We had so many coffees on the first day that we couldn’t sleep 🙂

Happy October to us.


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