in a tree, he be

Oh Sid Fishious….

Walking to the school this morning to pick up a vomiting child… *sigh*, I happened to look up at the leafless tree and to my amazement, I saw this.

photo 1-10

upon closer inspection I could tell what it was and my heart leapt….

photo 2-10

And then I thought “Oh, he didn’t really get very far……”

Can you tell what I’m looking at? Maybe you need more pictures…

photo 3-7

Here it is, his final resting place, exposed, ripped open for all to see….

photo 4-5

Laid bare in a tree, waiting for the harsh New York winter.


Here’s a map… his escape to freedom was very, very short lived. Poor Sid Fishious, he is truly missed.

photo 2

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