Nothing to See Here.

You know those days when you do nothing? I mean really achieve absolutely nothing? Well for me, today is that day… I have literally done nothing, just passed the time away. Oh sure I was showered, dressed and out the door by 8:30 but that’s because I was breakfasting… it’s a word, ok. I needed to see people, other people, not the King people, but people who don’t know what I’ve been doing …

After I whiled away a good couple of hours chatting and filling the emotional tank, I headed home. Thinking I should grab some bacon and eggs …. just in case, I called into the butcher. More chatting, more emotional tank filling. By the time I hit the building I was feeling GOOD, the self esteem was feeling pretty shiny and nice. I walked in the door to find the King  and Triple G still hanging out working on the upgrades they were doing when I left. And of course because I’m the wife I am, my first question was “Did you guys eat?” SUCKER

The resounding ‘NO’ made me shrink just that little bit…some of the shiny fell off… fuck it- Now I have to cook? But I covered it really well with”Well, lucky I bought some bacon and eggs, who wants bacon, eggs and beans for brunch?

I really am the best wife. I’ll take my award now, thanks. *bows and waves*


wife award


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  1. Awesome is only the first adjective ( considering the order of the alphabet ) that describes your unending care and attention to your family! Let’s get The King and his court working on B-Z.

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