The Night my Husband and Boyfriend Came Face to Face

It’s not every day your husband and your boyfriend meet and I don’t advise it…

Ok not really, I’m very happily hitched to My Lord Dr King, besides who has time or the energy for a boyfriend, I mean really… more sex? That would take effort and energy of which I have very little. I know I’m in my sexual prime  (apparently) meh if this is prime, I’m screwed!

But obviously you tell your husband when your boyfriend crush is Hugh Jackman because it’s funny and keeps the spice going. I’m totally out if Scarlett Johansson turns up, I accept that, well maybe, he said we could all share. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

So last night My Lord Dr King attended a function for the Australian Prime Minister.You know, it’s UN week, everyone’s in town. I often go to these events but for this one My Lord Dr King was someone else’s +1 so I couldn’t. No big deal. I don’t need to meet Tony.

While I was home relaxing in front of tv, I sent him a txt to ask if he’d had a beer with Tony yet? You know he ALWAYS gets in with the peeps and so I just assumed. This how that went:IMG_0441


And so because if I’m gonna have Hugh then he can’t leave Deborah Lee out!


They didn’t end up coming but stranger things HAVE happened before so it’s always on the cards. He did want to know how to watch the footy grand final tomorrow and My Lord Dr King told him I could hook him up…So I guess they’ll come over and we’ll all be together then! Pity he’s going for the wrong team!

Grand Final party at my place apparently, starts at midnight!

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  1. he’s my boyfriend. let’s just straighten this out now. I have said Twilight would be the perfect moms’ books if the lead had been played by Hugh Jackman!

    LOVE IT!! And the pictures are the BEST!!!

    1. Post

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