Monday’s Flashback

Do you ever have those days when things just don’t work out? When you try to be a good parent but you’re tired and annoyed and everything’s just too hard. Well don’t be too hard on yourself, Monday’s are tough at the best of times, everyone is tired and grumpy. It’s like the whole world has  a hangover and nobody wants to be nice. This morning was a tough one here. The kids went to bed late last because the Princess is going back to Australia. Oh yeah I forgot to mention she even arrived. There’s a post in the draft folder about that but my muse has been hit by a city bus and there’s been a bit of a writing drought. Anyway, I’ll get to it 🙂

But in the meantime here’s an old funny story about that time I wasn’t the perfect parent.

Miss Gremlin and I were getting ready to go to her taekwondo class, when she couldn’t find her uniform pants. I went from zero to angry in 3.6 seconds flat because as usual I assumed because she never puts stuff away properly, that they must be is some obscure place. So time is ticking, we’re heading for the ‘gonna be late’ point.

I look under the bed because she likes to sleep with her favorite things, her can be quite a sight some times, but no pants. I go though the closet for the third time and finally strip down her entire bed……..nothing! Where the fuck can they, be? Then I have an ‘aha’ moment, so while Miss Gremlin searches the dress up box crying, I go upstairs and just for fun check my laundry pile which I haven’t had the chance to put into the closet. I  scan for anything white and tada, taekwondo pants! I quickly come down stairs, head hung low, bottom lip out and hold them up for Miss Gremlin to see. She laughs through her tears, I hug her and apologize, she finishes getting ready and we leave the house marveling at mummy’s epic fail all the way to the studio.

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  1. Oh yea, you’re not alone, Sister! Just the other day my son was looking for one of his Transformers and wondered around the house, crying. He has a habit of sulking when he can’t find anything but he won’t LOOK for it! He tells me I have to. So I go on this rant about how “this is why I tell you over and over to keep your toys together, put them back in the same place” and then it dawned on me that I had chunked it into a toy box that the kids don’t ever use during a frenzied “pick-up this place there’s company coming” race. Whoops!

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  2. I hope Princess has a safe trip back to Australia!

    As for your story, you are not alone! I’ve done things like this more than once–blaming my boyfriend for misplacing one thing or the other when in reality, I’m the one who did it!

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  3. In answer to your question – all.the.time. Amen sista! I also have those moments where I go from zero to angry (love that phrase) in no time flat. We’re only human, right? We try to do better the next day.

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