So This Might Be It- The Update

You know a couple of weeks ago when I had my 15 minutes of fame? When I was the ‘go to’ person for news of the explosion here in Harlem? I did several interviews and my name was all over the tv and media around the world were contacting me… They say all exposure is good, right? Even bad press is good press. Well unfortunately that’s not the case. That little social escapade caught the attention of Homeland Security.
You see we are not citizens, we are here by the good Grace’s of the USA.

We are permanent residents but that doesn’t give us real permanence. If you do something wrong they can boot you out. It’s a way of keeping the immigrants in line I suppose.

I  received a letter yesterday saying I am under investigation, my paperwork is incomplete. Somehow the 30k we spent to gain our status wasn’t enough. I have a week to come up with the relevant paperwork or I’m out, just me, not the rest of the family, just me. They’re all fine. Somehow, I’ve angered someone and they seem to have it out for me, maybe… The paperwork must be filed by close of business Friday April 7 or they told me they will be coming to put me on a plane.

You guys! I’m fucking scared, the documents they’re asking for I can’t get in time, the letter states no extensions.

So I’m not gonna be around much, I have to get this done or I’m on the 6:50pm Qantas flight out of JFK next week. Bare with me. I’ll update when I can….

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  1. omg Molley, this is just crazy. I know there probably isn’t anything I can do, but if there is, I’m here for you.
    In the meantime, sending good thoughts and hugs and hoping this gets sorted. xoxo

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