Me, me, me it’s all about Me…. OH and ANZAC DAY!

I’m an all round popular girl today. I have been interviewed a few times now. It’s fun, I seem to always be interviewed about being an Aussie but that’s an easy subject because Aussie I am. I spent a good deal of the afternoon swapping stories yesterday with Lady Estrogen on twitter and if you haven’t read her then by God you be get over there now, she’s hilarious. Sent to the colony as an exchange student, she’s almost like a modern day convict with all that went down, well I’ll let her tell it. What’s more she lived around the corner from Ramsay St and those who know what THAT means can have a quiet laugh too, just like I did ..

I thought it kind of fitting that my interview on the Expats Blog would come out on ANZAC Day,  I have no idea if that was intended or if it was a happy coincidence but either way it’s live for you to read here . It was fun to do. And interviewing an Aussie on ANZAC day is clever! ANZAC Day is our annual day to celebrate and commemorate those who have served our country in the wars and lost their lives and those who serve now. It’s a national holiday and the country is scattered with buglers playing the ‘Last Post’ at dawn followed by marches in the streets. The afternoons are all spent in the pub playing two up, drinking beer and telling stories. It’s a fitting way to celebrate.

Anzac day

Talking among friends can sometimes turn into an interview as well, my very special friend over at MY Life As Lucille kept asking questions one day and these interviews were born. Here’s the second interview. If you missed the first one you can find it here.

So relax, have a read about an Aussie in a strange land and remember the soldiers who fought for your freedom. While it’s only ANZAC Day Downunder, we can all think about them and have our very own memorial/remembrance day .


                  LEST WE FORGET

Lest We Forget

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      Has he been? If not… this is your mission.
      I have got the kids and teachers at school addicted to tim tams and Anzacs. I make baskets of them for Christmas gifts for the teachers this year.

  1. I’m really glad you clarified what ANZAC Day was because when I initially started reading the post, I thought it was a form of pharmaceutical.

    Actually, that kind of sounds like a good name for a drug. Like one that controls anxiety.

    “Yeah, the doctor gave me a prescription for Anzac and I feel great!”

    Thanks for teaching me something. I’m getting so cultured! 🙂

  2. @Lisa Newlin LMAO!!! Pharmaceutical! hahaha!!! Molley, I never get tired of reading your posts about Australia…especially when it involves pubs and shots! 😉 Happy Anzac Day, love! xoxoxo

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