Kangaroos Everywhere

Today as we headed down into town we came across a mob of wild kangaroos. They live in the hills around the area and are often seen on the farm. For kids growing up in New York it was quite a treat. We stopped and watched them for a while. The big Buck was standing protectively. If we had gotten out of the car he would have had a go at us.
The kids were very excited to see it all.

When we arrived at my brother’s we were greeted by the dogs and their pet joey. It was a little weird to see the kangaroo hopping across the driveway with the dogs but it was pretty cool for the kids to be able to pat him, especially just after we’d seen some wild ones.

And to top our day off, on the way home we saw a rainbow.


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  1. I can’t imagine! Rainbows and ‘roos! I sit here writing this while overlooking heavy snow on our New England backyard. Here you can run into a moose, which is pretty cool. Beautiful pictures!

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