It’s a Dirty Job But Somebody’s Gotta Do it.

Today was a fix it day. Now that we have a new couch and new rugs, we needed to fix some holes in the walls. You know how it goes, you move things around, mount speakers and tv’s then change your mind. Move paintings around etc. All that stuff happens here will alarming regularity.  It must be the ADD the King suffers from. The problem is I hate patching walls. HATE IT. I know how and I’m good enough at it, it used to be part of my job in a life long forgotten but it’s not my favourite part. Lets face it, it’s so messy. That fine white powder that settles over everything you own and everything you’ll ever own, which you can never really clean properly, even if you do lay down covers.

family working bee

But today I patched and sanded and vacuumed. It just had to be done. I was surprised how many holes we had, some were quite old, years even. That’s bad right?

Three separate rooms, three different colours. Not how I saw Saturday going but sometimes you just have to do it right? While this was going on, The King and the Kids were tidying the Junior Suite. When the King goes in you know it’s gonna be bad.  Garbage bags full of crap alway come out.

3 hours later I was done and vacuuming the mess up. Paint was drying on the walls and there were no more holes. Satisfying even though I’m exhausted.

The Junior suite had a new kind of order. The kind that an OCD dad brings, the kind where ALL the clutter is gone.

Tomorrow we rest!

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