Is there a Secret Sock Party We Don’t Know About?

Ok so this has bugged me forever…. when I do laundry, there are always left over socks…… ALWAYS. Why? What happens to them? Is it just reckless abandonment by the wearer? I know when I take my socks off I am very sure to put both into the basket at the same time…. but still even mine go missing.

The three other people in the house are not so careful and truth be told their socks are more often missing than mine but I like to think my socks like to party too! Well they used to …..but I digress

At the end of the chore, there are no fewer than 4 single socks in the bottom of the basket waiting patiently for their mate. Do you think they are scared? I imagine I hear them fretting and crying…. ‘Is that it today? No more laundry loads..Where is my beloved partner?’ Ok maybe that’s just the pain killers talking today 🙂

Maybe……… they take turns in going on vacation…. maybe there’s a secret door at the back of every washer where they escape. I sometimes see stray socks out on the street but I’ve always just assumed they came from some poor schmo’s cart on their way to the laundromat (there’s about 3 million schmos in NYC). It never occurred to me it could be an escapee! A sock on his way to a warmer climate, where he can sun himself, free from feet and shoes…..

And then, as if by miracle, sometimes they come back! How do they do it? They can be gone for a month, I’ve had partner socks in the bottom of the basket for months, a year at times and then, without warning the purple stripey toe sock, thats been alone in the basket for months, has a mate and they get folded together and placed on their owners pile, with nary a care and certainly no note of explanation.

It’s the strangest thing.

Does this happen in your house too? Or am I the only laundress who can’t keep her socks in check…I do try to take my responibilities seriously in the laundry department.

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  1. I always thought it was a troll that snuck in and stole my socks… then when the troll was tired of it, he would bring it back and trade it for another one. Sometimes I even look for the troll… Someone is stealing my socks, that is all there is too it!!

  2. I believe there is a little sock-stealing troll that lives behind my dryer. I have a shoebox FILLED with single sock. Every Tuesday night they attend the Socks Without Partners meeting at the local church.

  3. Hi coming over to visit from Nanny to Mommy blog Hop! I love this post! and yes I have asked myself the same question so many times…I’ve lost count! I have a drawer full of them, never throw them away in hopes of finding the missing pair. Lost cause, maybe,,but I’m an optimist and maybe just maybe one day I will reunite a pair again!

  4. My children choose to wear different unmatched socks. So, I have NO CLUE if mine are off having a party, all hopped up on dryer sheets. My husband, however, is meticulous about his socks and will hunt them down through many piles of laundry to complete his pairs.

  5. There are always stray socks at the end of the dryer cycle. And, then I find the missing partner next week in the next laundry load! You may have a point that they just escape to get away from it all!! 😀

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