Is it Time for School YET? or Please Let School Start Before I go Insane

We’re on the countdown for school to start. We’ve been home 4 days and Miss Gremlin has asked me 15 times if we’re going supplies shopping yet. I can’t even begin to think about facing that. Why is it so hard, why is everyone leaving it to the last minute? WHY do I have to fight 10 aggravated moms for the last 4  0.25c marble books? They never use as many as is on the list anyway? Why do we do it to ourselves?

There must be a better way, the teachers must be able to organise their lists better than they do. Why ask for 3 pump soaps each from 20 kids when they can buy one and ask for large refill bottles instead? Why not buy the markers and crayons in bulk and ask for the cash instead?

In fact, why can’t the education department just get their ‘ish’ together and supply the schools with everything they need?
We rush around spending too much money on stuff the kids won’t even use all of and then other parents don’t provide anything.

Last year Miss Gremlin’s teacher confided that only about 5 parents even sent in the supplies. Five out of 20… That’s a lot of pressure on those parents that did and the kids who didn’t and ultimately the teacher who then has to beg, steal or borrow to get enough stuff to function in the classroom, when their energies should be spent on teaching and lesson plans.

At least all the uniforms are still ok and I don’t have to shop for those. I am so pleased we’re a uniform school. I would hate to have to go buy trendy clothes for the kids to wear  and then have the ‘what to wear’ fight every day!

It will be a shock for the kids getting up every day at 6:30 and getting out the door by 7:45. But they’re ready, they’ve had an awesome summer vacation. I’m ready. We’ve fitted so much in and it ‘s time for them to go. I need a break…………………… and a holiday 🙂 I need to not be needed for several hours. I need to not hear them or see them. Just so I can look forward to seeing them again. That’s not wrong, is it?

The summer is an exhausting time. It’s too long, for everyone. I’ve bumped into mother’s on the street who have been counting down for a month! We all feel the same. But soon enough life will get back to normal and we’ll be longing for our first break.

Until then, Thursday can’t come fast enough and I’ll just have to get enthused enough to supply shop Monday.



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  1. That’s too funny – my daughter was just bugging me about school supplies today. At the beginning of the summer I bought a couple bags of stuff that I knew we’d need – pencils, notebooks, construction paper, etc. – but I’ll be battling everyone else in the stores once they get their lists. I’m with you. Why can’t this be more organized? I don’t think the lists change much from year-to-year, why can’t they just be posted on the school website? My favorite year was in Kindergarten – the K teachers just asked each parent to send in $30. But they’re the only grade that did it.

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