I’m No Coffee Addict!

What constitutes a coffee addiction? Is it the need for the dark rich liquid everyday? Does the smell tickle your nose? Do you get cranky if you don’t have it? Headaches perhaps? I can go without, really I can. What does it mean when you’re on a first name basis with your baristas (yes plural) and they make your coffee before you even get to the counter? I say it means you’re a great customer and a cheery face in the morning 🙂  Even other people can get my coffee and they know it’s for me.

Matt and Noel are the bomb.

The other day I went in and the line was long, I was in a hurry and didn’t see either of my boys. So I left. Vowing to come back later when I had more time. Upon my return Matt told me he’d made my coffee 🙁 way to make me feel bad……. Oh well, I apologised and explained, he was most gracious.

It’s nice to have a local haunt, it feels like community. Somehow it makes you feel good when people know you and seem to care. I recommend being friendly and getting to know the people you interact with on a daily basis. They sure get my customer service vote.

Ok I’m off to get another coffee. Happy Friday.

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