I’m Gonna Need A BIG Stick

Do you ever go shopping for something and come out with something completely different? I swear that’s our M.O……every damn time.
We were out doing touristy stuff for a friend on the weekend, in the city, they needed the quintessential shots with some promo material, we were happy to oblige. It was an outing and kinda fun for the kids. Although let me tell you those damn dressed up characters are really pushy when it comes to their tips…If you visit New York then either stay away from Times Square or load up with singles. Especially if you have kids cos they get the kids and then you can’t say no without risk of a meltdown. Am I right? Anyway, after we were fleeced of about 30 bucks our project was done. We were heading home when the King reminded me that Grand Master D still needed some black dress shoes, so like idiots we went shopping on a holiday weekend.

Over the last year or so Grand Master D has decided that brands count, not that I pay much attention but we were out with the King and his choice was Men’s Wearhouse. I protested, thinking they wouldn’t have his size but in we went, I often don’t win these decisions.

As luck would have it they carry a size that within a couple months he’ll fit into and so we made the plunge. However, and here’s where it gets expensive. You remember why we went in, right? BLACK DRESS SHOES. Moving along….. the beautiful brown leather Cole Haan shoes they picked together are never gonna work with a black suit and what do you know, they don’t have black in that size. What would you do? Leave right? Go somewhere else and find what we need? Right?!…

Can you tell I'm loving this?

Can you tell I’m loving this?

NUH AH, Not us, The King says, ‘These are so beautiful I think we should look at suits instead.’ I’m in the chair, resting my feet from another poor footwear choice trek around the city and the three of them head to the back of the store in search of a suit…About 15 minutes later the sales lady comes back to me and says I should come down because they are having great fun trying suits? WAH? Wait… we were getting blacks shoes… So I pick up my shoes and walk down to the change rooms. There’s stuff everywhere and Grand Master D is getting fitted into a Grey Suit because that will match the brown shoes. Now next thing I know, it’s a buy one get one sale and we’re looking for black suits! Good Lord help me…. we just want black shoes!…. of course suits need shirts and they are also buy one get one. I know when I’m beaten, I can just lay down and take it…

Oooh  A suit, I look good

Oooh A suit, I look good

The tailor is ordered and measures up my little boy for his first big boy suit. The King insists we pick up in an hour and sends the tailor off in a frenzy to his machine downstairs… AND make it a cuff my man!

We head to the register with our brown shoes, grey suit, black suit, lilac shirt and matching tie and white shirt with red tie. FACE PALM.. You know this is gonna hurt.We only wanted black shoes, God Damn it! The sales lady, bless her heart is the slowest woman in the universe and before she got us checked out (she needed 3 other attendants to help) the tailor delivered the altered pants. How’s THAT for service!

My little boy is growing up… He looks so handsome, I’m gonna need a very big stick.

This boy,my friends is gonna break my heart!

This boy, my friends is gonna break my heart!

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  1. First, love the picture of you. Second, why do they grow up so fast?! Third, I can never buy whatever I went to the store for. I always leave with a bunch of crap and forget what I really needed at least 50% of the time.

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  2. My husband does this shit all the time when we go to get one thing for a child and instead end up with something totally different. Drives me crazy. At least I am not alone, and they say women are difficult shoppers…

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