I’m a Victim of my Own Advice

There’s nothing like having your own words thrown back in your face…… especially when they’re written.


This morning’s conversation …..

King:  Wanna give me one….

Me:  NO, child home sick!

King:  We can go upstairs…

Me:  Ah no….

King:  You said any time they want in a post, not following your own advice now?

Me:  Yeah whatever…I’m going to the post office and then I’ll make you breakfast.

King:  SO no sex?

Me:  bingo!


Just because I give advice doesn’t mean I follow it …. HELLO……..double standards rule!

He got breakfast………..

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  1. Ha! My husband and I had a similar conversation the other night. He actually suggested giving my 3-year old the iPad so we could go upstairs. I was like “um. no. you can wait until he’s in bed.”
    Husband’s reply? “What if I’m too tired by then?”
    Needless to say, he wasn’t too tired by then. Nice try, hubs.

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  2. Yep, you pretty much summed it up! The two of us are going away without the kids in a couple weeks, and I’m sure my husband is on the verge of jumping up and down and clapping since all the “excuses” will be at home with the grandparents! 😉

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