Halloween, We’re just in it for the Candy.

halloweenHalloween, All Hallow’s Eve, a pagan ritual from way back in history, celebrated on the night before the Day of the dead to stop the evil spirits from inhabiting you, the extremely fearful and superstitious folks would dress in masks and animal skins so the evil spirits couldn’t find them.

Seems legit…

Fast forward to present day, and Halloween is a 6 billion dollar industry in America alone. Kids and Adults alike dress in costumes and go out for candy, which we eat for the next 6 months. Can we say diabetes ?

I love costume parties, and fancy dress. As a kid growing up in Australia we didn’t celebrate Halloween but we had some kickass costume parties…

Tonight we dress, the children are excited and My Lord Dr King and I have some little surprises up our sleeves. Miss Gremlin’s costume involves handcuff… because of course!

Stay tuned for pictures. Stay safe, have fun and above all enjoy the sugar rush…. tomorrow we diet 🙂


OMG I think I’ve turned into a fully fledged American… yikes!

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  1. Yesterday afternoon was just crazy busy with kids n parents everywhere; even in little ol Baranduda. It appears to be gaining much traction over here in little America. Sad really.

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