Going Dry………Oh My

It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that alcohol is not my friend. I am getting more and more adverse reactions whenever I consume it. Now before you say “Well you’re drinking too much”, this is not the case. Those that know me are fully aware of my capacity and it is no small amount……..until now.

The reactions I get range from itchy eyes and stuffed up nose which have been happening spasmodically for some time, to more recently, severe stomach pains and the need to ‘release the demon drink’ so to speak. Now I’m not against a good chuck after 55,000 beers … in fact it’s almost required but when you have that sensation after 2, then you have to ask yourself ‘Why is this happening?’ and ‘Why am I wasting all this good food?’

It seems that anytime I have more than one drink, be it my beloved bourbon or a beer, I find myself in more discomfort than enjoyment. I am putting it down to the large amount of weight I’ve lost and my increasing age but in all honesty I have no real clue why I can no longer put  away half a bottle of bourbon. I don’t suppose it matters why, it would be nice to know though.

So from this day forth I have decided to give it up……….yep I said it.

you’ve picked yourself up off the floor? oh good, hope you didn’t hurt yourself 🙂

I could go on about how much money I’ll save and how much clearer I’ll think and how much better it will be for me but as we all know, the saving money part never happens and the thinking clearer part is yet to be proven.

I understand my Australian-ness is on the line here too. I will have to put in a special application for permission to go dry due to extenuating circumstances 🙂

Of course a new coping mechanism for ‘the kids driving me crazy’ will have to be found. I am up for suggestions and will consider all submissions that don’t require me to wrap my left leg over my right shoulder while mooning the sun! That’s just too much effort.

I will keep you updated on my progress and see if things improve.

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  1. OH NO!!!!! +_+

    but it is for health reasons so I understand.
    For every sippy sip I have, I shall have another in your honor.


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