Finding the Fun in Farmwork

Grand Master D especially but Miss Gremlin too, have been pestering me to let them split logs. I have avoided it because it can be dangerous, however at Uncle Glenn’s all the boys went out and felled a tree, cut it up and brought it back. Then the kids had the task of splitting all the wood for the fire 🙂 With some instruction they were just let at it.. and I was shooed away lest I freak out 🙂

No one lost any fingers or limbs and Miss Gremlin actually split most of it after the boys lost interest. She was out there doing it until almost dark. She had a blast.

Some farm work is more fun than other stuff. Splitting wood seems to be up there on that list. I imagine they’ll have sore muscles this morning though. Swinging a splitter is no easy feat.

As a kid, this was our only source of heating ….. wait, here at the farm it still is. We spent many weekends getting firewood as a family activity when I was Grand Master D and Miss Gremlin’s age. I have done all these jobs the kids are enjoying as part of life, they get to play at it for fun…… and that’s a really great thing. They are building very special memories.

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  1. I love love love the smell of real wood crackling over a fire, and I don’t mind chopping it, even though I am not good at it. It’s a great work out for my flabby arms! Hmmm… Maybe I should come over and help chop!?

  2. My kids go to a farm every week as part of their Montessori education. They think it is awesome to spread mulch, harvest, clean out the chicken cages etc.But if I ask them to feed or clean up the dogs messes – it is not nearly as much fun. I am going to start calling our house The Farm. Maybe that will work.

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