Fern Knows the Way….

Recently some strangers moved into our building and they were very weird.

The dog didn’t know what to do, the kids didn’t know what to do, there were strange goings on in the night.

The residents lived in fear.

They parked their vehicle on the roof in the common area. The Residents were all a flutter about these strange looking new neighbours, meetings were called to discuss the ‘problem’.

Whenever we saw them in the elevator, they would say to us, ‘Widgy, wodgy’, what did that mean? Why were they trying to be our friends? Didn’t they know we didn’t talk to strangers?

Didn’t they know they were different and we shun different? How were we going to fix this problem in our building? This invasion? Those people can’t be here.

And then, as if on queue, an email came from Fern, she knew just what to do….. Fern had met these strangers before and she said she was their friend!

She came to our resident’s meeting, she told us all of tolerance and how different isn’t bad.

She had an idea in her head, of how to help the world, by teaching all the children that different doesn’t matter, we’re all same inside.

The residents, they listened, to the words Fern had to say, she shared her message and her songs, it felt good to think her way.

Fern even knew their language, that strange phrase they kept on uttering….
‘Widgy wodgy’ she told us, means ‘We like you and You like us!’

Ooohh and Ahhhh..light bulb moment, the residents were muttering.

How interesting they became, no need to be aloof, they took us all for rides to Mars in their space ship on the roof!

We learned from Fern and those alien friends that we are all the same, even though we’re different looking, we can still all play together, the residents knew their shame.

The residents all have parties now and play those special songs, that Fern knows best but wants to share and help us get along.

So if you ever have an issue with someone that is different, remember Fern knows how to help.

Her songs are just magnificent……

If you would like to help your kids learn about diversity in a positive way, you can visit Fern here  and get more info here


This post was sponsored by Fern.

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