Father’s Day or A Knight’s Tale?

Having Father’s Day is June is something we’ve had to get used to over the years we’ve been here. In Australia it’s celebrated in September.

It has taken some getting used to and there have been a couple of do overs because we didn’t get it right. Hey, I’ve called do overs on Mother’s day before so I’m not mad.

It’s not the day, it what you do with it and so if you don’t do it right then a do over is totally acceptable.

This year, like every other, we struggle with ideas for gifts for Our Lord Dr. King. He’s incredibly difficult to buy for.

One year, while strapped for cash, we made him a beer bouquet. It was fun, filling a bucket with different craft beers and chocolates and cheese and nuts he liked. The kids enjoyed making it for him.

Having no idea what to get, I asked him on Wednesday evening what he’d like, and the next thing I knew he had it all negotiated and was booking a zip car to go and retrieve his gift!

But then as fate would have it the seller decided to deliver it instead, saving us a trip out to Long Island.

And so around 9 am Saturday, Sir Ponsonbury arrived. He seems happy to be here…guarding the stairs to My Lord Dr. King’s office.

After all every King needs a Knight right?

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all you Dad’s out there!

And to the mom’s pulling double duty.

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