Dreams of Wheat

Last night we had a break out and ordered pizza. It’s winding down the holiday time and we decided an easy dinner would be good and a fun treat. We don’t really eat it anymore and even when we do, we’ll order the thin crust, however last night The King was in control of the Papa John’s site and he missed changing the crust type. So the pizzas arrived and they were all thick crust. Oh well, one night of wheat eating won’t hurt anything  …… right? Actually wrong! 

Ater the kids went to bed we were both super thirsty and I was still hungry but I resisted having another piece. The King opted for a cashew snack at around 11:30.
We headed to bed, watched the usual amount of tv then went to sleep. Everything normal. No change to routine.

But when I woke up this morning I was exhausted. I had toured somewhere with a group of people, to a museum but ended up in a dirty mechanics workshop, then shopped, then got chased by cops and attacked by bad guys. I got out with my life but the car was wrecked. The kids were waiting at the airport and the flight was full of soldiers.

The King was playing in a band and after that some bizarre things went on…… He can’t remember but he said he had crazy dreams all night. (Maybe there were girls 🙂 He’s not admitting to. ) Not that I’m concerned.

It seems obvious that something in the pizza affected our brains. It’s not the first time I’ve noticed this but it’s interesting to note that I wasn’t alone in my experience. This also happens with Indian food. Perhaps the large amounts of naan bread we consume is the culprit.

Upon asking the kids if they dreamed Miss Gremlin said she had weird dreams but Grand Master D didn’t remember.

I am currently reading ‘Wheat Belly‘ by William Davis, MD, which states, among many other things, that wheat has hallucinogenic properties similar to known hallucinogens. It’s a very in depth and fascinating book. Look for my review shortly.
My study continues on the effects of wheat on the human body but it was quite a tiring night keeping up with the activities.

*Unless, of course Papa John’s switched out the ‘shrooms. 🙂

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