We all deserve to be pampered.

My Lord Dr was taking me out the other week and the ritual of getting ready was required. You know the whole thing, we were going somewhere fancy. SO I had to do the hair and makeup thing.  🙄

I’m pretty lazy and don’t wear make up much, somedays I’ll put on some thing just to look not so tired but I rarely do full makeup. I don’t think it’s healthy for your skin to cover it in makeup anyway. It gives you pimples, and honestly at this age, I’d rather have no pimples and an unmade face than wear made up and have teenage skin in my late forties…

Anyway, usually I’m left alone to do this ritual, noone is interested in what happens in the make up department here. Except this time, Miss Gremlin decided she wanted to watch, she asked a lot of questions. Wondering why each step was required. As always I explained as I go. I have no problem explaining anything to the kids, never have, no matter what the subject.  She was genuinely interested, of course I’m going to share girly things with her if she wants to know. We all know those moments are few and far between around here.JUST

Next week she’s getting a manicure for graduation. None of that icky colour stuff or anything but a pampering just the same. Clear polish is a start, and with the re-do of the blue hair on the weekend, it’ll be so much fun!

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