Don’t Go Bra Shopping or You’ll End Up Getting a Boob Job Like Me.

I’ve been sick for almost a week now but yesterday I felt like I needed to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine. I’ve been in need of a trip to Victoria’s Secret for some time. So it was the perfect excuse. Since I lost weight, I seem to have lost some plumpness to the girls… it’s always the first thing to go. TMI? Whatever, I’ve said worse. I’ll take less boobage, if it means I no longer have a muffin top. There’s always a trade off. Ok, back to the point, I promise there is one.

The closest Victoria Secret is on 85th and Broadway and so I set off in the sunshine, music on, for a walk. I guess it took over an hour but I was in no hurry. The usual action took place in Victoria’s Secret. My wallet was substantially lighter but I was gonna look awesome in the boobage area. That’s the trouble with Victoria, she’s so damned expensive!

On the way home, because it’s spring and I haven’t been outside in a week, I stopped at a nursery and bought some pansies to plant on the terrace. It’s so different gardening in a 14′ space 9 storeys off the ground, than at ground level. When I got home I put the plants outside and showed the king his goodies.

Ok S T O P…. blah blah blah.. this post is even boring me! *Yawn* Let’s face it when you’re sick you can’t think and I’ve had this ridiculous cough, cold chest thing for almost a week now and I’m done…

Take two:

I came home with the goodies and showed the King. He was impressed, hey he reads the Victoria’s Secret catalogue ok… lingerie does it for him. Don’t judge. I said I will be replacing everything because I’ve lost a size and that’s gonna cost a bit. He looked me straight in the face and said it’s probably cheaper to get bigger boobs. BOOM !

That’s done, cos you know how he rolls, I’ll likely be booked in for a boob job after lunch tomorrow. Never mind if I want one or not. Bigger boobs are the answer to everything!

bigger boobs


Ok that’s it, I’ve just sneezed 15 times in a row, you’re totally catching this cold. I’m sorry, try lemon juice, honey and echinacea.

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  1. I know I\’m in the minority here, but I have never shopped in Victoria\’s Secret. I refuse to. I hope you feel better and good luck with the new bras or boobs – which ever you decide. πŸ˜‰

  2. That’s the only thing I’m enjoying about gaining weight right now! I love Victoria’s Secret too, but it really is so expensive. I’m not sure a boob job would actually be less costly though LOL. I hope you feel better soon. Colds are no fun! So glad you linked up with Your Place at Equis Place.

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  3. before I got pregs I was a comfy B. Now… post baby a few extra pounds/kgs and nursing later… a fucking massive D! I HATE HATE HATE my big boobs. I stand in the mirror and wonder why people would want these big ass obstacles stuck on their body. I look heavier up top, they are constantly trying to hind in my arm pits… sorry I could go on and on.. sore subject.

    I want my B’s back!

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  4. I am about to buy new bras today, but for the opposite reason. I think I have hit that age where I am going to start having too wardrobes. My thin me clothes and my not so thin me clothes. In my defense, it seemed to happen so quickly!

  5. Easy solution…I did this when my husband would say that… I just tell him that I will get them if he gets them. Haven’t heard a peep out of him since then…lol

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