Don’t Argue

I have talked about this before. I’m talking about it again because it’s a pet hate.

I am a grown up, you are a child…. I will not argue with you. Period.

I have come into contact with several toddlers this week and have come to see that parents are negotiating too much with their children. I am not judging but I find it tiring. Why would you argue with a child, who:

1) doesn’t really know what they want
2) doesn’t understand why you’re saying no to something you think is not good for them and
3) needs boundaries

Often times a child is just looking for the boundary, that proverbial line in the sand. The point that mummy and daddy will not falter from. Children need security and when they can negotiate they waver in that security.

Little people can not be the boss. They don’t know enough. Would you put your 3 year old in charge of your household? Paying the bills? Earning the money? It’s ludicrous to think of right?

So why would you not take the lead in their lives?
You can use positive reinforcement, being an ogre is not required but control of your child’s actions and behaviour is. Nobody wants horrible children. We all want children we can be proud to take place and not cringe at their behaviour……..

Here’s a clue, they’re not born that way, they learn it.

The best thing you can teach your children is respect for self, others and property. This starts with respecting you. Arguing is a form of disrespect and if you let them get away with it they will continue to do it.

It’s said that the toddler behaviour is amplified tenfold come the teenage years….. do you want to breeze through that stage or go to war?

I know what I choose.

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