Did You Ever Want to be a Turtle?

Today is yucky, it’s pouring rain……total cats and dogs pouring! All the lights are on in the house because it’s so dark. Little Miss Gremlin is home sick and Sir Lickalot is pacing like a caged lion but refuses to go out onto the terrace and I’m puddleducking* outside for no dog. So here we are ……..set for one of THOSE days.

It’s days like these, however, I think about how good it is to be inside, warm, dry and human.

Yesterday, when it wasn’t raining domestic animals, I saw this and it made me smile and my thoughts turned to strange things………….

How simple life would be if we were turtles. Sunning ourselves on the rocks to keep warm, swimming in the pond, eating turtle food things. Nothing to think about except eating and maybe looking for a nice turtle friend to lay eggs with.

But then I thought, turtles can’t eat ice cream or chocolate. Turtles can’t listen to music on their ipods while walking through the park enjoying nature. Turtles have the geese to worry about, and cars with BIG tyres to be squashed with …. and arsehole kids to poke sticks at them when they’re bored on summer vacation…… and snow, outside with no warm beds.

So I think, all things considered, I don’t wanna be a turtle…………. until next time I see one sunning himself and I do πŸ™‚

*puddleducking– going outside, jumping in puddles and getting soaking wet in the heavy rain. It does have it’s own unique quality and fun about it. Little kids LOVE it. Everyone should try it at least one time.


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  1. I’d like to be a turtle. That would be cool. Personally, I love when it rains and I’m indoors and cozy. Especially, when I can watch other people suffering in the rain. It’s like I’m the lucky one. Okay, is that evil?

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