Conquering Jetlag

How do you get over jetlag quickly? Do you just sleep when your body wants to? Or do you force yourself to adjust to local time immediately? For me it’s a combination of both.

I find travelling with the clock is easier than travelling against it.

Whenever I travel it’s usually over several time zones, therefore the adjustment is bigger. They say that it takes a day for every hour to adjust. I don’t believe that’s the case. At least not for me. Usually I’m pretty well adjusted within about 4 days.

The first day I try to stay up until local bedtime, eating at mealtimes and having plenty of good coffee. After that I am able to stay up but find myself waking in the night. When this happens, instead of fighting it I just go with it. I sleep with the computer very close by and if I wake up, I’ll work for a little while, sometimes up to an hour, this usually makes me sleepy again and I’ll go back to sleep. Reading does the same thing.

This trip I did this a few times. It works because you can speak to home and get the news then go back to sleep.

I don’t nap during the day, ever. I have coffee whenever I think I need it because I know my body will win anyway and I will sleep.

When it comes to kids I’m not as strict. If they need to sleep I let them. But  just a nap because otherwise they won’t sleep at night. They get so tired with the travelling and this makes them cranky and whiny so I’m happy for a break. If they have a sleep it’s really ok.

We have a bit of time before school starts so we’ll adjust.

Yesterday was a bit of a write off but we all slept well last night and got up at a more reasonable time this morning, so we’re on our way back to normal.

Grand Master D

Miss Gremlin



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