Sometimes He Amazes Even ME!

Some days you just have to step away and shake your head. Those days when everything goes wrong, the pressure is mounting and there’s no relief in sight.

He Loves to Cook, therefore He’s a Keeper.

The King loves to cook, which is great because I really don’t. Well no that’s not true, I just don’t like the pressure of cooking dinner every night. I know that sounds whiny but it becomes a chore

The Sleep Deprived…

Today I’m over guest posting at my friend Starr’s blog The Insomniac’s Dream. Now as the name might suggest, she’s got a sleeping problem. Sometimes I have a sleeping problem too. My sleeping problem, however is slightly different….

Seriously, Don’t Try This at Home

There has been much discussion in this house about the necessity of hair, you know…. down there. Here’s your warning, If you’re squeamish about this type of information, don’t wanna know, are male or generally not into talking about personal stuff you might wanna move along.

The Really Big Awesome Workaholic Home Improvement Weekend

Phew, Well that was a weekend I don’t want to repeat every weekend. That said, it was spectacular weather in the City and we did enjoy not freezing our asses off or being buried under 6 foot of snow for a change, if only for a day or two. But we seem to be on the home improvement kick. Which …

The Valentine’s Day You Should All Be Jealous of

The day started out like any other, the morning routine, coffee, breakfast, school run. The King worked late on Thursday night but was still up early because he had his weekly board meeting. We exchanged gifts… I bought him romantic stuff- he bought me lingerie. *sigh* you know where that’s leading.

I Think I’ve Created a Monster!

Recently I texted a pic of my cowboy boots to the King when he was at work. They were new and he hadn’t seen them yet. They were expensive, so by way of justification and softening the blow, I did this:

Deck The Halls

Now you know how we hunt our trees, I suppose I should share how we decorate too. It’s a little contentious because I’m all just hang the decorations and the King is all let’s plan the look because he’s OCD and the kids just wanna get it up and pretty. I stayed right out of it and let them all …